About Roelof

In 2006 Roelof, bored and in need of a new challenge, started Roelof J. le Roux & Company (RX&Co.), a collaborative outsourced marketing services consultancy specialising in online marketing campaign coordination, strategy and research. As a Bachelors of Commerce (Marketing Management) student at Stellenbosch University (ZA), he had seen the creative power that is realised through the collaboration of ambitious people with mutual focus.

At this point he had already run a small but successful on-campus TV show with some amazingly creative and motivated fellow students, ran for and won a seat on the SU Students’ Representative Council, and took a year off to manage his new favourite restaurant.

At first there were online marketing projects where he worked with Tonteldoos Development in creating an online payroll solution, but he soon realised that strategy was where his heart lay and moved on to the manufacturing industry in 2007.

The year 2007/2008 saw various new and exciting customers coming on board in developing solutions for all kinds of products and industries. In manufacturing and retailing, Vynide (Pty) Ltd. offered RX&Co. the opportunity to work with them in setting their new retail operations on course, including B2B market research and brand strategy projects. Chellarams Plc of Nigeria followed with a market research project for the launch of a global fast food chain. Movember.com contracted Roelof to plan and coordinate their national online campaign for the USA and the team helped GreenByDesign.com put together a beautiful product offering in home furnishings for their new online retail space for carbon neutral products.

Since March 2009 Roelof has taken over strategy and day-to-day marketing management for Nudo Adopt an olive tree, an energetic new company that connects artisanal food producers in Italy with foodies all over the world through its innovative olive oil subscription service and eco-friendly distribution channels to general retail in the USA, UK and beyond.


Roelof J. le Roux is a South African citizen, based in London (UK) and would prefer the acronym to read “BRICSA”.

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  1. 'Fola says:

    Hello Roelof,

    I would like to find out about the possibility of your doing a market survey for me which will help me in my stratedgy to target african professionals in diaspora. By this, I mean Africans who have left their home shores to go and work in their various careers in different parts of the world.

    I plan to start with a region in Africa and then gradually expand to other parts of the continent.

    The site is still in it’s finishing stages but viewing it should give you a basic idea as to what I’m trying to do.

    At this stage, please can you keep the information confidential.

    Kindly send me information on how your processes work and an indication of the possible costs ad time scale involved.



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