ROUX PRESENTS: The Original African Travel Candle for Cool Hunting Quarterly #04

We here at ROUX couldn’t be more proud of our first ever collaboration project to be featured on (read all about it HERE).  After dropping by the Cool Hunting offices for a catch-up with Evan one Spring afternoon earlier this year and learning of the exciting Cool Hunting Edition African adventure they had planned, I couldn’t stop thinking about this truly idyllic trip. A visit to Cape Town, the city that still feels like my home, combined with a safari in Zambia (in true CH style) is a near perfect introduction to the beauty and rich culture to be found on the African continent.  It got even more wonderful when Evan and Josh asked me to come up with a concept to tell the story of their adventure for the Cool Hunting Quarterly Co. Shipment #04.

The ROUX Original African Travel Candle was an idea that came about during a conversation with my long-time friend Michael Chandler of Cape Town-based design studio Chandler House. Michael was already working with the colonial heritage in architecture, home furnishings and culture left by the Dutch East India Company who founded a trading post at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652.  The idea of that most refined of travel luxuries – the scent of home – inspired our final concept which brought together these elements: the luxurious travel accouterments offered by the Cool Hunting experience, the cheerful but functional scent of citronella, representing an antidote to the dangers of the adventure – namely malaria-carrying mosquitoes of Southern Africa – all wrapped in a centuries-old map of the Cape of Good Hope representing the excitement of the safari. (For those of you not yet in the know, citronella acts as a repellent for flying insects such as mosquitoes.)

There’s of course a further twist to this wonderful product, as the lucky Quarterly.Co Shipment #04 recipients will experience once they’ve lit their candles. True to our mission to support community projects that promote local artisan skills, job creation and education, we collaborated with Cape Town’s Street Wires project to create the exquisite little surprise of a handmade wire mosquito. This is only to be discovered at the end of your own long night, near the end of the deep amber organic candle wax.

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  1. Paul Marq says:

    Adore! Adore! Adore! Lovely work!

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