Nudo Press Tour of the Marchigiani Harvest 2011

We recently took some journalists from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom on a tour of the olive groves, presses and kitchens of the Le Marche province of central Italy. The mission was simple: introduce influential voices in the food writing community to the undiscovered wonders of Marchigiani cuisine. We started off by introducing our guests to Guida Stachietti, well known local chef, for a day of cooking regional dishes including chestnut gnocchi – a personal favourite.  Josh Rubin from led the pack with his impressive new gnocchi rolling skills.

Thanks to the beauty of the region, the delicious dishes and the warm nature of the Marchigianis, this tour was pure enjoyment. Our guests learnt how to harvest olives in Nudo’s Rosalio olive grove, witnessed the production of freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil,  made their own gnocchi dishes and tasted some of the region’s best wines amoung many memorable activities. For more images of Nudo’s Marchigiani Harvest tour and making tricolore gnocchi visit the Nudo Italia Facebook page.

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