RX&Co. Goes Green with GreenByDesign.com

Probably the most feel-good and beautiful project we have ever done, RX&Co. was delighted to work with innovative online retail start-up GreenByDesign.com in carefully researching and selecting the home, outdoor furnishing and conservation sections of their exciting product offering.  GreenByDesign.com is all about finding the most beautiful and innovative furniture, conservation tools, kids accessories and gifts on offer on the web today. Most importantly, each product must have a end total zero carbon footprint through the process from materials sourcing right through to the delivery and installation in your home of office space.

GreenByDesign LogoUnder the experienced eye and careful direction of e-commerce veteran Martha Danly, the GreenByDesign team has put together an outstanding blog on green living and an online retail environment that enables seemless ordering and payment directly from the manufacturer.

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