RX&Co. kicks off Online Reseach Project for Nigerian Market

Chellarams Plc Logo

In an ambitious drive to compete and gain market share in the relatively new but fiercely competitive fast food industry in Nigeria, Chellarams Plc has called in the online research services of RX&Co. The aim of the project is to gather a massive amount of  socio-economic, demographic and trade information on the market before starting final negotiations with a giant international American fast food chain.

Chellarams Plc was established in Lagos,  Nigeria in 1923 and has ever since been a well known and trusted provider for both the consumer and industrial goods markets in the country.  The company owns a reliable supply chain with the professional skills to match, making it a leader in manufacturing, sales and marketing, and capable of committing to such a large scale endeavour in partnership with the American chain.

The RX&Co. team is very excited and Fast Food in Africaeager to start work on a project of this scale in a market that does not only feature the largest population in Africa, but also one of the most complex and challenging environments within which to start a new venture!

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