Hornschuch AG plans D-C-Fix Product Launch with Vynide (Pty) Ltd. and RX&Co.

d-c-fix LogoKonrad Hornschuch AG in partnership with Vynide (Pty) Ltd. is planning to launch the D-C-Fix range of decorative household products in the South African market.  Initiated as part of an technical partnership agreement signed with Vynide (Automotive) to transfer their pvc manufacturing technologies to Vynide’s Somerset-West (SA) based factory, Vynide will facilitate the launch of the popular German product range in the course of 2008.


D-C-Fix Kitchen range in Marble and Silver
D-C-Fix Kitchen range in Marble and Silver


RX&Co. has been contracted to develop a branding and product launch strategy for the product range, reporting to Vynide CEO Justin Bgoni as well as the Hornschuch Heilbronn-based marketing team.  By default product ranges designed and produced with materials intended for the European markets will necessitate a premium position in an emerging market.  Trade discounts and efficient shipping techniques will however make it possible to pitch the range as a more affordable alternative to other premium home decor products and surface coverings.  The fact that the product offering is quite unique will play to its advantage in attracting a whole new group of home decoration enthusiasts and, if all goes according to plan, helping Hornschuch and Vynide to claim a substantial share of the market by the end of 2010.

Please see the d-c-fix product range website, as well as website for the sister Skai product range for commercial environments, for more information and catalogues.

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